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Surge in Cataract Surgery Continues

After two years of offering Refractive Cataract consults and procedures, Focus Eye continues to deliver this option for high-quality care to those suffering from the onset of cataract formation.  Patients are treated in a hospital-quality environment with a goal on getting them to their best vision possible, post-cataract surgery.  

Refractive Cataract procedures, based on the exceptional care component that Focus Eye is well known for, include:

  • Ophthalmologist Cataract Assessment (OHIP eligible
  • Advanced Diagnostics Pre Surgery
  • Advanced Biometry
  • ORA — and AI-influenced system used by the Surgeon in the Operating Room to confirm the lens selection
  • Bioptics (if necessary)
  • Customized Lens Selection for your own individual vision needs.

At Focus, eight surgeons — all either cataract or corneal specialists — perform procedures in Level 2, CPSO-accredited surgery suites staffed by accredited Nurses and an MD/Anesthetist.

Refractive Cataract is a routine outpatient surgical procedure during whichan intra-ocular lens (IOL) is inserted at the time of cataract extraction to replace the focusing power of the natural lens. IOLs can be Monovision (fixed-focus for a pre-set distance) or multifocal, which allow focused vision at many distances.

“At Focus we perform Refractive Cataract surgery with the most advanced diagnostics pre-operatively, and the Surgeons have access to Intra-Operative Aberrometry in the OR and advanced implants during the surgery,” says Marc Lafontaine, COMT.  “It is extremely popular.”