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What is one main reason that most people choose to have laser eye surgery? It makes their lives simpler and better. Relying on glasses and contacts in your day-to-day life takes time away from what you love. It’s frustrating, expensive, and forces you to rely on objects —namely lenses — in front of your eyeballs so you can enjoy clarity of vision.

If you’re curious about laser vision correction and how it could improve your overall quality of life, we urge you to reach out to have a discussion with us about your options. Trust us, it’s a life-changing decision – for the better. 

laser vision correction in ottawa

Why Choose Focus Eye Centre?

We get it – you have plenty of options for your corrective surgery. That said, we always strive to be the best, providing our patients with top-notch care and an excellent overall experience.

Medical Experience

Our surgeons have over 20 years of experience in laser vision correction, which is something that only happens through great results and satisfied patients.

State of the Art Technology

Laser eye surgery relies heavily on leading-edge technology, which is advancing every day. We stay on top of it for our patients, ensuring they’re getting excellent treatment options.

Patient Care & Support

Feeling comfortable and reassured during your experience is a vital part of serving our patients as best we can.

Better Vision

Not all laser surgery is the same, and your eyes are too important to take a chance on. We’re committed to providing the very best service so you can enjoy the very best vision possible.


Many hesitate to move forward with laser surgery because of the price tag, which is why we offer all our patients affordable financing options. We also provide free consultations to answer your questions and help put your mind at ease regarding any concerns.

21st Century Vision

See better than with glasses or contacts thanks to iDesign-driven Laser Vision Correction. Personalized, custom treatments that help patients achieve their best-possible vision. Often with results that are better than 20/20!

Welcoming, Safe Clinic

Our 10,000-sq.-ft ground-floor clinic means easy, safe access. No elevators, no crowded spaces. Social Distancing at its best. Minimize your risk at Focus Eye Centre.

Non-Hospital Cataract Services

Focus is now providing OHIP clinics for Cataract assessment for those interested in Refractive Cataract care in a non-hospital setting -- and for those who wish in-hospital cataract care as well. Our blend of surgeons’ experience and advanced technology means Focus helps people achieve their best vision.

Focused on You

Focus surgeons and staff deliver the highest quality vision care in a safe, relaxed, and professional setting. Laser Vision Correction and Refractive Cataract Surgery can be provided on site with care that’s personalized to your needs.

You’ll Get Better Vision and Peace of Mind.

Few things are as important to how we engage with the world than our eyes, which is why we take our role in your vision health very seriously. Our skilled surgeons are committed to providing Standard of Care procedures and working with you to achieve your best vision.


We’ve got answers.

Essentially, Intralase SBK is the new-and-improved laser vision correction. It’s safer, it has quicker recovery times, and it can oftentimes work for those who were told they could not get laser vision correction.

Before we begin your procedure, we will numb your eye with a painless eye drop. While you might experience some minimal discomfort after the procedure, it’s usually very easy to manage and goes away quicker than most expect.

Laser surgery is designed to be a long-term solution. That said, when your eyes go through a big change, such as normal aging that happens after the age of 40, or if you get a cataract, it might change your vision. However, we’ll make sure to stay on top of any of these changes to ensure you’re informed about your eye health and the best options available to you at all times.

When you think about surgery, you might expect at least an hour-long procedure. However, laser surgery is quite different and very straightforward. Generally, the surgery procedure itself will take only about ten to fifteen minutes to complete.

Laser eye surgery should be performed after your eyes are fully developed. Your vision may change during your lifetime (which is why prescriptions are often changed and updated).  This is due to your eye muscles and how they change, affecting one’s ability to focus. It is not a structural change to your eyes. Usually, a person’s eyes are fully developed by age 18.


Laser Vision Correction. Is it right for me?

While we always recommend you getting in touch with our office first, we’ve developed this short quiz to give you a good sense as to whether laser vision correction surgery is a good option for you.