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Kelowna Laser Vision Correction

Kelowna Laser Vision

Outstanding outcomes based on rich medical experience, advanced technology, and personalized patient care.

Kelowna Laser Vision

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Kelowna BC AB V1Y 8Z5 Canada

Kelowna Laser Vision, under the medical direction of one of the country’s most acclaimed corneal & refractive surgeons, is committed to providing patients with the very best procedures that help people achieve their best possible vision.

This medical experience is complemented by advanced technology and techniques, as well as a continuum of care that begins with the consultation and extends well after one’s surgery. This outstanding “Continuum of Care” has helped establish Focus Eye as a leader in laser vision correction, and we have become the clinic to which many optometrists choose to refer patients, as well as family members and friends.

Why Focus Eye?

The Focus Eye medical team, includes the lead surgeon, staff optometrists, nurses, certified ophthalmic medical technologists, and highly-experienced staff. We understand that prospective patients often have concerns and questions about laser vision correction and refractive lens exchange, and we are happy to help patients on an individual basis.

Focus Eye is committed to providing personalized treatment to our patients based on advanced and proven procedures. The goal is the safest and most effective procedures, resulting in one’s best-possible vision (very often exceeding what was experienced with glasses or contact lenses) and a speedy return to work and play.

Payment options are provided at Focus Eye Centre, effectively making the financing of a lifetime of better vision both easy and affordable. As part of the no-charge, no-obligation consultation process, the Focus Eye staff will address any and all questions, including those about procedure costs and financing.

The Benefits of Laser Vision Correction at Kelowna Laser Vision

Safe, effective, and quick vision correction is a huge breakthrough for many who struggle with glasses and contacts. The benefits of a life without lenses are many. Consider these reasons why laser vision correction has, over the past 25 years, worked for thousands of Canadians, and may be right for you:

Imagine waking up in the morning and having the ability to see without your glasses or contacts. As you swim or shower, you will be able to see clearly and enjoy the freedom to see the world clearly and naturally.

Better Vision
Laser Vision Correction – which is designed to help people rid themselves of the hassles of glasses and contacts – often means patients achieve a level of vision that exceeds 20/20. We make your vision our highest priority here at Kelowna Laser Vision.

Fast Healing
When performed in an excellent clinic by an excellent surgeon, laser vision correction can be a highly-effective procedure performed in a brief period of time that helps a patient achieve his or her best-possible vision with fast healing and quick recovery. Such outcomes are based on the establishment of reasonable expectations after a comprehensive consultation with a doctor.

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Laser Vision Correction is a life-changing decision, and many people have questions about the process and what to expect. At Kelowna Laser Vision, we are ready to take your call and answer all of your questions. Call today and take the first step toward a hassle-free life of clear and natural vision… 1-800-IN-FOCUS (463-6287).

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