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Meet Dr. Alex Lai Chi Tam, FRCSC

Tell us a bit about how and why you went into Ophthalmology.

As cliche as it  sounds, I didn’t choose Ophthalmology; Ophthalmology
chose me. As I went through my journey from primary school to high
school to graduate school to medical school and residency, Ophthalmology
appears in every single step. Every single decision aligned me toward a
career in Ophthalmology. The dots just connect.

My intention is to provide the best medical and surgical care for my
patients. Ophthalmology is the specialty that enables me to do that.

Tell us about the arc of your academic career and how all that training has
brought you to where you are now.

My graduate thesis was on in vivo visualization of lymphatic drainage of the
mouse eye using nanotechnology. During medical school, I explored the
clinical aspect of Ophthalmology through my clinical  studies and electives.
In residency, I felt privilege to be able to restore patients’ vision through
providing both medical and surgical care.

What, for you, are some of the highlights of the Doctor-Patient relationship?

The trust that patients have for me and the team have always been the
highlight for my career. I always honour this trust and ensure my patients
feel cared for in every single step of the encounter — from their first phone
call about their appointment to coming into Focus  Eye, meeting the
receptionists, the techs and me. I aim to provide a pleasant, educated
experience for all of them.

Is there a particular aspect of coming on board & working with the team at
Focus Eye that has you excited?

I feel grateful to witness first-hand Focus Eye putting in so much effort to
working with all the physicians so the team can provide the best care for
patients. This aligns with my intention to practice medicine and
Ophthalmology. I am excited to continuously improving the clinical flow and
patient experience and care.

Can you speak to the impact that surgery can have on patients and their
lives, and the satisfaction that both patient & surgeon can experience after
a successful procedure?

I specialize in Cataract surgeries. It is an utmost honour to be part of the
team to play a role in restoring the vision for my patients. Restoring this
clarity enables my patients to explore the world in its true colour, which
ultimately enhances their quality of life and experiences.

Any other comments or thoughts?

Setting  an intention is crucial for me in practicing medicine. It aligns our
decision making process and how we interact with patients and colleagues.
My intention is to provide the best healthcare to all my patients, with my
team, through love and kindness. I will continue to improve myself to align
my practice with my intention.