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Docs Discuss Data

During its first post-pandemic event for Co-Managing Optometrists (ODs), members of Focus Eye’s senior medical staff did a deep dive on the latest patient data.

Speaking about the results for nearsighted patients, Dr. Ryan Wink, Lead Optometrist, reported that, “We know that 98 percent of all low myopes have 20/25 vision or better at one month, and all low myopes see better than 20/40 at 24 hours post-operatively.”

As for high myopes (i.e., those with prescription levels of -7.50 or higher), he told Co-Managing doctors that, “100 percent have 20/25 vision at their one-year post-op [appointment].”

Marc Lafontaine, COMT, Clinical Manager, notes: “50 percent to 75 percent have 20/20 vision the next day, and everyone has great functional vision at one week.” Results are “very stable over the year,” he adds.

Other presentations at the Co-Man event included incoming surgeon, Dr. Alex Lai Chi Tam (joining in August), on “Narrow Angle management” in the treatment of glaucoma as part of cataract surgery, and Dr. Davin Johnson, Medical Director, addressing various Case Studies and complicated care.