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Discover how LVC has, for more than 20 years, been freeing people from the hassle of glasses and contact lenses. In Eastern Ontario, Focus patients – ranging from professional athletes to law enforcement personnel to artists, engineers and doctors – have been impressed by the care we offer before, during and after a procedure.

But don’t just believe what you read on a website. Visit one of our clinics in Ottawa or Kingston for a no-fee, no-obligation consultation with our medical staff and see if you are a candidate.

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April 30, 2014

LVC Safely in the Mainstream

What do steamships, cell phones and computers have in common with Laser Vision Correction (LVC)? [...]

April 25, 2014


Commercial pilot, motorbike rider and freshly-minted skydiver John Swallow faces down his fears… Just not [...]

February 8, 2014

Depth Perception

Knowing how – and how deep – to dig into your health benefits plan to [...]

February 7, 2014


One man’s remarkable physical transformation makes most other life challenges look downright easy. If you [...]

October 11, 2013

Why Intralase SBK is the Better Choice

Recently, the Dr. Oz Show featured LASIK surgery (A Hard Look at LASIK Surgery: Dr. [...]


“My whole life changed overnight. My only regret is that I took too long and [...]

Nadia Thornton & Nicky Texeira

“My CLE surgery has changed my life…I regained the freedom of 20\20 eyesight. Before I [...]


Eric O'Dell

Playing since my eye surgery has been amazing. I have no worries when I’m on [...]

Eric O’Dell

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